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ort - Support at MegaHostPlans isn't just extensive, it's excessive!

Our self help support tools such as our Online Control Panel (Demo) (User and PW = x3demob) Manual and FAQ Database (updated regularly!) give your web hosting experience at MegaHostPlans a kick start. We provide direct technical support assistance via the Trouble Ticket System, and our Live Support chat, phone or e-Mail methods.

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- Our shared and dedicated servers are housed in one of the best facilities in the world and connected to the internet backbone via quality providers. All servers are heavily monitored around the clock to ensure superior uptime and performance.

Stability - With our iron clad guarantee you are assured that signing up for managed web hosting at MegaHostPlans is risk free. Try one of our inexpensive Mega Hosting Plans for 30 days and if you are not impressed at what you find, we'll give you a full refund.

Look at the Mega Plans - All Plans include a dedicated domain IP address, and is NOT shared by any other domains except your own!

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Technical Support Overview
The MegaHostPlans Technical Support team is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm - Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am to 3:00pm (EST, AEDT +1100 ) Australian - Eastern Standard / Daylight Time.
Customers with a valid Private Label 24x7 Technical Support agreement may work with MegaHostPlans Technical Support via phone, email, and the web.

Types of Questions Answered.
MegaHostPlans technicians can answer general questions regarding the usage of the (your) account and the cPanel control interface as and if it relates to errors in your account structure and is or has, limitations of specific procedures, relating to the purchased MegaHostPlans Plan, as well as all instances when the user believes that a MegaHostPlans application malfunctions.

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Data Moves into the Spotlight:
New Trends Highlight It as a Primary Business Asset.
In recent years, enterprises have been focused on applications. Data was almost an afterthought, seen simply as raw material to feed into the applications. Then, as the data itself became more important and needed to be shared by multiple applications, data integration moved to the forefront.

It Starts with Data
In the face of today's data trends - from speed to granularity to mobility -- the only true solution is to make sure the software and technology at work in your organization is meeting your users' needs. It starts with data. Where your business goes from there depends entirely on how effectively you use it to gain economic value.

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