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Private Label 24x7 Technical Support for Your Customers

Private Label Hosting Support Plans


Basic *

Advanced **







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Number of Customers Supported







Price / Month + $ 25 Setup Fee








* Number of customers supported based on total number available for plan.

 ** Number of customers hosted on unlimited domain reseller plans are examples based on average usage levels.   Since our advanced plans offer unlimited domains, your support price will be based on the actual number of domains hosted under your reseller plan.  

Additional Domains Supported

$1.10 / month per domain
- available in 5 domain packs.

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MegaHostPlans Customers only. 
You must already have a reseller hosting plan with MagaHostPlans to order our private label support.



We can be your dedicated around the clock support department.  One of the biggest challenges for companies starting out in the web hosting reseller business, is If a customer has a problem while you are sleeping, on vacation, or simply away from your desk, who will be there to solve their problems?  With our private label tech support solution our support staff will set up a trouble ticket system on your website, monitor it 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, and answer your customer's questions, identifying themselves as your in-house, round the clock, support staff.  - No vacations, no sick days, no sleep. 

Backup or Primary Support -  There is no substitute for the personal attention that you can give to your customers, but we can provide a safety net that lets you breathe a little easier.  If you aren't tech savvy, we can answer the tough questions that you just can't answer by yourself, or take care of the common questions that customers ask, like setting up e-mail, logging into control panels, etc... so that you can concentrate on building your business. 

Private Label - Our technicians will answer all questions in your company name, and will never mention MegaHostPlans to your customers.  We maintain a database of information about your company's practices, and services, and will answer with information that is unique to the way that you run your business.

Affordable -  Prices start at $0.00 per month to add on a fully private label support staff to your MHP-05K plan, so even the smallest of resellers can provide round the clock support for their customers.  As you grow, each  additional customer we support for you is only $0.00 per month.

English Speaking -  Our support technicians are experienced hosting experts that speak English as their first language.  Many companies that offer support to your customers are using overseas support staff, usually based in India.  With overseas support, language becomes a barrier, since English is not their first language, and many customers resent receiving support from overseas.  English speaking technicians are an advantage because they can understand the questions that your customers have, and can respond in well written complete responses that your customers will understand.

The same level of support you receive directly from MegaHostPlans - The same support staff that is in charge of maintaining our servers, and supporting our customers will be supporting your end customers.  This means that if your customer needs assistance or has a technical problem with their site, our staff will be able to solve it.  This dramatically reduces the time to solve problems because your customer can have his technical problems taken care of without your intervention. 

Complete Control - Track your customer's support requests, from submission to resolution.  You will have full administrator access to your private help desk, and will have a full record of all support questions and responses, so you can make sure that your customers are getting the quality of support they need.  You can answer any support requests yourself, set up as many of your own users and support departments as you need, or have our staff handle them all for you.  It's completely up to you how much of the support we provide.

Scalable - As your business grows, you can simply order support for additional domains with no limit to the number of domains supported. 


Help Desk Software

You must have a help desk, to track customer support requests, from the first question to the resolution.  We can support your customers using the following help desk software.

Supported desks include Support Logic (Free to install through Fanstastico),  Perl Desk ($69 & Up), and  Kayako eSupport (Leased versions from $14.95 / month - Kayako hosted version is not compatible). 

Which help desk software should I choose?

Most Popular Free Desk:  If cost is your primary concern you should choose the Support Logic help desk, as it is freely distributed, and can be quickly installed using the Fantastico script installer.  It is one of several ticketing systems that is pre-installed and available to both you and your customers.  It has powerful support tracking capabilities, and is an excellent choice for the budget conscious.

Most popular Commercial Desk:  If having a top of the line help desk is your primary need, then you may want to consider Kayako eSupport  It has an integrated Knowledgebase, download manager, interactive troubleshooter capabilities and much more. The cost of this help desk can be outweighed by the reduction in support that is required since the software helps to solve customer questions before they submit a new ticket.  Kayako Feature Tour

* Kayako leased or owned full version (Not Lite) must be purchased directly from Kayako website.

Support Logic Help Desk Demo: 

Customer Area:
username: test_user
password: demo

Staff area:
username: test_staff
password: demo

Administration area:
username: test_admin
password: demo

Please note, that this is a static demo, where adding, editing or deleting any data has been disabled.


Supported Issues

Following is a list of some of the common issues that your customers may need assistance with.  Our trained support staff can take care of these issues and many more. 

Apache and server configuration issues:

  •  httpd.conf problems
  • .htaccess errors
  • Password protection issues
  • Site oriented IP blocking issues
  • HostNameLookups
  • Mime types
  • URL blocking and redirection issues
  • Basic Secure Cert problems
  • Apache rewrite rules
  • CRONTAB changes
  • Custom configurations for log analyzing programs like webalizer, awstats etc.

FrontPage server extension issues per domain:

  • Manually installing FrontPage extensions on problematic domains
  • Manually removing FrontPage extensions
  • FrontPage mail extension problems
  • FrontPage clashes with .htaccess
  • FrontPage and Secure forms issues
  • Enabling / Disabling Shell access
  • Common database and MySQL issues, including:
  • Access denied
  • Handling multiple databases
  • Connectivity issues from CGI scripts
  • Allowing or denying grant permissions from local or remote locations
  • Managing the mysql connections among various virtual-hosts
  • Broken connectivity through mysql.sock issue
  • Mysql configuration issues with my.cnf and internal mysql database
  • Mysql table and database repairs

Common shopping cart configuration problems, including:

  • OSCommerce
  • Agora

Configuration and administration of hosting platforms including:

  • Explanation of CPANEL control panel functions
  • CPANEL / WHM integration problems.


DNS related issues, including:

  • Domain parking issues
  • Modifying MX. A and CNAME records for domain Zones
  • Correcting Domain Name resolution problems
  • RDNS request forwarding
  • Common email related issues, including:
  • Sendmail problems
  • Qmail issues
  • IMAP issues
  • Webmail issues
  • Catch-all address issues
  • SMTP issues
  • POP issues
  • POP-before-SMTP and relay denied issues
  • Mailing lists
  • Auto-responders
  • Email Client Setup
  • POP authorization failures
  • Anti-spam measures
  • Email filter issues with Procmail and .forward

Security related issues, including:

  • Log Checking
  • IP blocking
  • Anti-SPAM
  • Anti-virus

Common FTP related issues, including:

  • Anonymous ftp enabling
  • FTP configuration issues
  • FTP virtual hosting issues
  • Creation of FTP-only users

Backup retrieval and restorations:

  • domain content retrieval and restoration.
  • SQL database retrieval and restoration.

* Support tickets are answered in the quickest time possible depending upon the current load of our support department.  95% of complex issues are resolved within 4 hours, while simple requests are typically resolved within an hour.  Issues that require in depth research, or advanced re-configuration may take longer.


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