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  We will do our utmost to make your experience and stay with us, as pleasant as is humanly possible.
  We rely on the same Servers and In-House Technical expertise and support as you do, to ensure our web site, as will yours, runs smoothly with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime.
  The quality servers we and you are on and the service you have, is better explained by the current uptime of our servers, which is I am told, reporting 256 days of straight uptime, and it was only down for 36 seconds then, when we rebooted it for an important security update.
  This comes about by choosing our Partners and their Services carefully to ensure that the Technical Equipment and Expertise are at the highest possible level and are up to date.
  The Security on our servers is also of the highest standard with the latest Spam and Antivirus protection imbedded in your plan. Please note that the level of protection is changeable by you and can be set to range from the lowest "Level 1" to the highest "level 10" in the SpamAssassin Configuration.
  Within the near future, we will be implementing the ASSP Deluxe filter system (currently being tested) to replace the SpamAssassin filters on all hosting cPanel accounts.
  If you have any questions, need anything, or have any ideas how we can bring you better service please always feel free to contact our help desk staff.

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Recent News Item 1:
The "Unlimited" Myth!

Some hosting providers use those two terms as marketing traps to attract their customers. We use the term "traps" because the term unlimited for space & bandwidth surely does not exist.

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Recent News Item 2:
The "Official Site Launch!

The official launch of our site will occur in the new year!
Watch this space for "Site Launch Specials"

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An Affiliate can be anyone – including any home user that has a simple web site, customer referred to megahostplans are then under the control of MegaHostPlans for support and service.

Note: This form is for English speaking applicants only.
For international other language partnering opportunities, please contact our Head Office in Australia.


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I/We understand and acknowledge that by signing up and being accepted as a MegaHostPlans Affiliate that I/We have read the Mega Host Plan's AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) and TOS (Terms of Service) and the GTOS (MegaHostPlans General TOS) and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. By agreeing to this, I/We knowledge that I/we understand them in full and agree to update my/our AUP, TOS and other user policies, if need be, to conform and meet all requirements within the Technologies of the AUP, TOS and GTOS.

Further, I/We understand and acknowledge that by signing up and being accepted as a MegaHostPlans Affiliate that, I/We accept the Terms of the Commission(s) payments to Affiliates and that the referred customer to MegaHostPlans shall then be a client of MegaHostPlans. The subsequent purchase, if any, of a plan(s) by the referred customer(s) shall be the responsibility of MegaHostPlans for providing all support directly through this Affiliate agreement.



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